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Healthy Eating

Why children need to eat well . . . . .

It’s pretty simple, when it comes down to it:

  • What children eat today shapes how they’ll eat for the rest of their lives
  • Too many children aren’t getting enough of the right foods to eat – and too little of the foods that help keep them healthy
  • When children eat better, they do better – they’re in better shape to reach their full potential
  • Being able to cook is an essential life skill: it all starts with getting children excited about food
  • Eating good food is one of life’s real pleasures: every child should know how it feels to enjoy a tasty meal with people you love

The government developed a set of Food Standards for Schools in 2015 to support young people in developing healthy eating habits and keeping them fit and healthy. You can find out more about these standards here:

The catering provider preparing hot school lunches in school has to ensure meals meet these stringent standards. The school also ensures snacks provided and guidance for parents and carers is in line with the advice.

Healthy Packed Lunches

Hot school meals are available for all pupils, every day. In the school Year R (Reception) to Year 2 the Universal Infant Free School Meals agenda provides daily meals FREE OF CHARGE. We encourage parents and carers to take advantage of the good quality meals on offer in school but appreciate you may want to provide your child with a packed lunch for some or all of their lunchtime meals.

To support the growing number of pupils in school with severe allergies, we ask parents and carers preparing packed lunches to avoid sending in nut-containing products (eg snacks containing nuts or peanut butter in sandwiches) and egg (eg a boiled egg as a snack or egg in sandwiches). Thank you for your support with this.

To support you in making healthy choices for your child's lunch we have identified below some resources packed full of ideas and advice. To help us to maintain high standards for children's nutrition we also have a short list of items we ask you to restrict in packed lunches:

No sugary or fizzy drinks  -  No chocolate or sweets  -  We discourage crisps, cakes and biscuits (please use as infrequently as possible).

Although we will not be actively enforcing these restrictions, if we have ongoing concerns about an individual child's diet affecting their wellbeing the school may contact you to discuss this. Thank you for your support in promoting healthy lifestyles.

Healthy Snack & Water

As a school we invest to ensure ALL pupils in every year group are provided with a piece of fruit or vegetable every day in school. This means you don't have to worry about providing additional food for your child to bring in each morning. We encourage children to keep a water bottle in school and there are several locations across the site where children can refill them.

Allergy Alert