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Online Payments - School Money

School Money - Online Payments

The Mary Bassett Lower School use School Money for parents and carers to make payments online for school activities such as school trips, Fun Club and Nursery fees.

You can get access to School Money with a link from school. At the bottom of the text or email, below the link to the School Money website, you will find a randomly generated password. When you follow the link to the School Money website, you will be asked to input your mobile phone number (which the text was received on) your email address and your child’s name. If the payment is a joint payment (ie for Fun Club) for both of your children, please try inputting each child’s name separately, if the first child’s name you input did not successfully log you in. It is also worth bearing in mind your child might be input on the system with their full name given on their new admission form and not their nickname/shortened name (eg John might be input as Jonathan).

To ensure we all experience maximum benefit from this service, we would ask all parents and carers to notify us if you have recently changed your mobile number.

If you are having difficulty accessing School Money please contact the School Office for support.